Barber/Darcy Barber

We’re all the same girl, whether grinding in the office 
or rip‘n margs on the beach. Barber is a brand serious about babes
not taking themselves too seriously.

Darcy Barber

With 15 years in the fashion industry, Darcy has an innate talent for pulling
the playfully visionary elements out of everyday life and crafting them into her work. Each Barber collection is developed around a central theme (who doesn't love a theme party) However, the most near n' dear to Darcy's heart is making recycling CHIC (AF). 15 Million tons of textile waste is generated each year, and that number is rising daily. In addition, Synthetic fabrics take hundreds of years to decompose. Gross, right!? Lets do something to help! 75% of Barber is UP-cycled product, with just a little extra care and some kick-ass embellishment, Barber turns the forgotten into a brand new shiny masterpiece!

The planet wins and so do you, SCORE!

The Barber line doesn't happen without her trusted cadre
of zero-fuss friends and family, NYC and her hometown Santa Cruz vibes.